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Rampello Quick Guide

Pirate FAQ

How can I become involved as a Rampello parent?

       Since we are fortunate to have so many of our parents work in close proximity to the school, we have many parents that come and volunteer before their work day starts or during their lunch breaks. We have an active PTSA, the School Advisory Committee (SAC), Athletic Booster, and Band Booster. We also encourage parents to come and volunteer as class/office helpers, or field trip chaperones.

I would LOVE to volunteer! Are there requirements?

        We LOVE parents who LOVE to volunteer! All volunteers must first be cleared by the district. Please apply here: 
Contact Mrs. Miller at with questions or for help with getting involved.

How does school lunch work?

       Our cafeteria offers a wide variety of options for students, including vegetarian and fare for those with food allergies. Full price for a student lunch is $2.25 daily. You can set up an online account through to monitor your student’s lunch choices, and add money to their account. There is no need for a child to bring cash to school. If an online account becomes low on funds, a student can charge lunch up to 5 times. After the 5th time, if there are still low funds, a student will be given an alternative lunch. We also offer free and reduced lunch services for families that qualify. Students are also free to bring their own packed lunch if so desired.

Can my child get breakfast in the morning?

       Yes! We offer every child free breakfast. All they need is their student ID number. We start serving breakfast at 7:30 am daily.  

What time can I drop off my child?

       All grades can be dropped off starting at 7:30 am from the carline. This is when teachers/staff officially start working and are prepared to supervise the children. Middle school students either eat breakfast in the cafeteria or stand in the courtyard. All elementary students go to the cafeteria and sit with their grade-level. Student dismissal from the cafeteria begins at 7:50am. Learning begins at 8:00am. HOST is available in the mornings starting at 6:30 am.  There is a small fee for before school care.

What time is pickup?

       Pickup is the same time for all grade levels. Dismissal is at 1:50 PM on Mondays, and 2:50 PM on Tues-Fri. HOST is here until 6:00 PM each day, for a weekly fee. Students that are not picked up by 2:10 PM on Mondays and 3:10 PM on Tues-Fri may be taken to the office and will and need to be signed out by a parent. It is imperative to pick up your child on time as we do not have supervision for them and want every student to be safe. Students may not be signed out within 30 mins. of dismissal.

How do I call in an absence for my child?

       Dial the school number, (813) 233-2333.  Please select option #1 from the phone menu. An audio recording will ask for your child’s name, date of absence, reason for absence, and the name of your child’s homeroom teacher.

What is the tardy policy?

        We value our instructional time, so please keep tardies to a minimum. If you are late to school, you must sign in your child using our Safe net system. Since we do not provide transportation, it is up to the parent/guardian to ensure an on time arrival every day. Excessive tardies will result in a written notice, and possibly a change in school placement.

Am I able to sign out my child early for appointments, etc.?  

        Absolutely! We do however, stop sign outs a half an hour before dismissal. There are no sign outs after 1:20 PM on Mondays, and after 2:20 PM Tues-Fri.

What is the uniform policy?  

          All students are required to wear red or black shirts, khaki or black bottoms, and closed toed shoes. Shirts may be crew neck, or polo. School logo polos are optional, not required. Girls may wear skirts and shorts, so long as the length extends to the bottoms of their fingertips. For elementary students, we ask that girls wear shorts under their skirts.

        Students may wear school spirit shirts on Mondays (these are sold my PTSA) and are encouraged to wear college T-shirts on Fridays as part of our AVID College-going culture!

Will my child be required to buy an agenda book/planner?

        Yes! We are a proud AVID school. Part of AVID is organization and parent communication and believe that the agenda book is a great tool for both. Agenda books can be purchased at the beginning of the year from your child’s homeroom teacher, or throughout the year from the main office. Agenda Book cost is currently $2.50 for elementary and $3.00 for middle school. Students are expected to use their agenda each day as part of our AVID strategies for success. Parents should look at student's agendas daily to be aware of what is going on in the classroom and sign. Students will be informed of the price and when to buy their agenda in the beginning of the school year.

What is a parent link?

       Parent link is a system the county uses to send phone messages and text messages to all parents, faculty, and staff at each school site. Listening to Parent link messages will keep you informed of school events or announcements. We use this system as our primary link for whole school communication. Please let us know ASAP if your phone number or email address changes, so we can update our records and keep the lines of communication open. If you are a current Rampello family and have never gotten a text from us, please check in with us so we can figure out the problem.

For more information- please see Rampello General Information