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Uniform Information
Uniform Dress Policy and Procedures

We are a mandatory uniform school!

Bottoms:  Khaki or  black (NON-DENIM, meaning NO BLUE JEANS, NO KHAKI JEANS and NO BLACK JEANS) trousers, pants, walking shorts (finger tip length-this is a district policy), jumpers, skirts, or capri pants.   No logos, designs, colored zippers, or ornamentations are permitted.

Tops:     Red or black collared shirts must be uniform-style polo shirt or crew necked t-shirt.  No logos, designs, or ornamentations are permitted, unless the logo is the approved Rampello logo. School spirit shirts may be worn on Mondays and we encourage college shirts on Fridays as part of our AVID college-going culture. If an undershirt will be visible, it must be black, red or white ONLY. No colored vests are permitted. Scarves should be worn only during inclement weather.

Shoes:  Athletic shoes are preferred.  Shoes must be securely fastened to the feet and have a low heel.  Footwear must be suitable for outdoor physical education classes.  No skate shoes.  No slides/flip flops.


1.  Students should be in compliance on the first day of school.
2.  Each student is expected to adhere to the Rampello uniform policy every day during the school year.
     The only exception will be individual picture days on which students may wear other clothing as long as
     they abide by the Hillsborough County Dress Code Policy. (See the Student Handbook.)
3.  Midriff shirts, shirts with any type of cut out or oversized shirts are NOT acceptable.
4.  Pants must be secured at the waist, oversized pants are not permitted.
5.  No hats are to be worn or brought to school unless a student has a doctor’s referral.
6.  Skinny Jeans, leggings, jeggings, or any other type of form-fitting pants are not permitted.

**College shirts may be worn on Fridays. Spirit shirts sold by PTSA may be worn on Mondays. 8th graders and AVID have special permission with their shirts.**


The student will be expected to comply with the uniform policy.  Consequences for students who do not comply within a nine week grading period are as follows:    
 *Parents will receive a call from the Student Affair’s office stating the student must change into clothing we can provide, if available, or the parent will be asked to bring proper clothing. A student cannot return to class if out of uniform, for repeat offenses.
* If the problem continues a student will receive an office referral. Disciplinary action will take place according to the number of offenses.


*Uniform shirts with the Rampello logo can be purchased through the Rampello PTSA.

*Standard uniform shirts without logos and bottoms are available for purchase at Target and other local stores.


  • Please talk with a member of administration if you have uniform questions or needs. We have many uniforms that have been donated and are available for students in need.

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