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Supply List
Rampello Downtown Partnership K-8
2016 - 2017
Grade Level Supply List

All students in grades 3 – 8 will be asked to purchase an agenda book on the first day of school.   
This agenda book will be used for homework assignment s and for parent/teacher communication.   Parents must sign daily (elementary) or weekly (middle school).


4— Plastic 2 Pocket Folders with Prongs (MEAD 5 Star is preferred)
3– Spiral Notebooks WIDE RULED (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue)
1- Composition Book WIDE RULED
4— Boxes 24 count Crayons
4- Glue Sticks
1- Pair child sized scissors
12– Standard Size #2 Pencils
1 — Box Quart Size Ziploc Bags (girls)
1 — Box Gallon Size Ziploc Bags (boys)
1- Clorox Wipes
1— Pack Post-it Notes
1—Box Tissues
1- Pack of Baby Wipes
1- Zippered Pencil Pouch
1- Kid Sized Beach Towel

First Grade     

One box of 24-count crayons
One plastic pencil box
One dozen sharpened #2 pencils
5 glue sticks
One (1) RED PLASTIC folder w/pockets and prongs
Three (3) other colors of  PLASTIC foldersw/pockets and prongs
Two (2) composition books
Three (3) spiral one subject wide-ruled notebooks
Two large pink erasers
Dry Erase markers (3 of any color)
Safety scissors
One (1) 1” three-ring binder
Post it notes (400 sheets 3inX3in)

Second Grade

One (1) GREEN PLASTIC folder, 2 pockets w/prongs
One (1) pencil box
One (1) box of 24-count crayons
Twenty-four (24) #2 pencils
Two (2) large erasers
Two (2) glue sticks
One (1) pair of blunt tip school scissors
Five (5) composition notebooks

Third Grade

2" Binder
Two (2) plastic folders w/pockets and prongs
Colored pencils
One (1) blue ink pen
Pencil Pouch for 3-Ring Binder (Hole Punched)
Pencils- 48 #2 (NO mechanical pencils)
Two (2) large erasers
One (1) Highlighter
Two (2) packs Post It Notes
Five (5) composition notebooks
Other Recommended Supplies
School scissors
Four (4) Glue sticks

Fourth Grade

Large 3" Binder
Color coordinated Plastic folder for each subject:
-Reading (yellow)
Writing (red)
- Math (blue)
- Science (green)
- Social Studies (purple)
4 Spiral notebooks (any color)
1 Composition Notebook
Erasable color pencils
2 Packs of notebook paper
Glue Sticks
2 Highlighters
Pencil Pocket for Binder
Expo Markers

Fifth Grade

(1) black two pocket folder - if possible, plastic  
(1) red two pocket folder - if possible, plastic
(3) pocket folders
(1) 1" white binder
(1) 1" binder, any color
(1) pencil pouch
(4) spiral notebooks, any colors or designs
(1) composition book
#2 pencils
Red pen
Highlighters (at least two different colors)
Colored pencils
Crayola markers
Glue sticks
Small (1") post-its
Wide-ruled notebook paper (a ton)
Scotch tape (lots)


Middle School Supplies

Sixth Grade/Seventh Grade/Eighth Grade

3” 3-Ring Binder (No zippers)
A typical student will use at least 2 during the year.
Spiral notebooks
USB flashdive
Notebook Paper – wide ruled
         Pencil Pouch for 3-Ring Binder (Hole Punched)
10 Subject Dividers
                                           Pens (blue or black) Eraser

Hand held enclosed pencil sharpener
Highlighters in multiple colors
Post It Notes
Three (3) glue sticks
Science Fair Board 48in x 36
Science Fair composition notebook
Scientific calculator
Athletic shoes (No boots, slides or granny shoes)