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Middle School Guidance


No Opt Out was developed by our Rampello teachers and  administrators after seeing  an alarming spike in failure rates of middle school students for the 2013/14 school year.  
We noticed a trend with the  failing students… they were neglecting to turn in  assignments.  This program was designed as an intervention for students  to prevent them from falling  behind.


Is No Opt Out (N.O.O.) for students who have behavior issues in class?

Absolutely not!  N.O.O. is strictly for  students who have missing assignments.

How do I know if my child has to stay for N.O.O.?
You will receive a parent link phone call on Friday  afternoon. If, for some reason, you do not receive the message and your child does not attend the required session,  you will receive a second phone call.  Student attendance will be required for the next session.

How will the student know they have to attend?
Students will fill out a NOO form on the day the assignment is missed, the list of NOO students will also be available in student affairs each Monday.  

What happens if my child cannot stay?

Your child will be given 2 consecutive Mondays to attend an N.O.O. session to make up their missing work. Students who stay after school in HOST must attend. If a student misses both of the two consecutive sessions and/or does not  complete the missing work, it is up to the individual teacher's discretion if any credit is to be awarded.

Why can’t my child just  make-up the assignment at home?  
N.O.O. is a way to teach our students  personal accountability. They are required to attend an after school sessions in order to receive any credit for missing work. Teachers will NOT accept any assignments without an administrator signature that the student attended a N.O.O. session.

What if my child does not finish all of the work in one session?
All students will have an opportunity to attend N.O.O. the following week to finish any assignments. However if assignments are piling up, students  will also have the opportunity to make up work during lunch time.

Where/When do they report?

Student will let out of class at 1:25 pm on Monday afternoons , and instructed to report directly to the N.O.O. session. Students are required to stay until 2:30 pm to earn credit for missing assignments.
All teachers, Admin,  and HOST staff will be provided NOO lists weekly.

Grade 6: Report to Lab 211
Grade 7: Report to Lab 209
Grade 8: Report to Media Center

Please remember that N.O.O. is a program designed to help your child raise their grades, build a stronger work ethic,  and become accountable for their own success!

If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Ms. Geery,  Ms. Borths, or Mr. Youmans